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GK Hair Cream Color 100ml Global Keratin Juvexin, shop warsaw Poland

GK Hair cream color 100ml Global Keratin Juvexin

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Did you know that GK hair Hair Colors are fortified with Juvexin? Juvexin helps seal the color in the hair shaft as well as protects from future environmental damage. Juvexin protects the hair during the lifting process to prevent damage and adds incredible shine.


Damaged hair..?? Bring them back to life with the new GKhair Professional Color Cream with Juvexin and Ceramides.
Innovative technology prolongs color durability, protects and strengthens hair fibers.

GKhair's Cream Color is a revolution in professional hair care due to its unique combination of the following main components:
GKhair’s Cream Color is revolutionary to the professional hair care industry because of its unique combination of the following key components:

JUVEXIN promotes restoration and protection, enhances the structure and condition of the hair by strengthening it and giving it a shine.
Ceramides multifunctional in hair care, bring pigment into the hair to prevent color fading, while protecting and strengthening hair fibers. Ceramides improve overall hair integrity.

GKhair Cream Color provides

- Color durability

- Shiny hair

- 100% coverage of gray hair

- Maximum softness


3-4 40 Volume 45-50 minutes
2-3 30 Volume 40 minutes
1-2 20 Volume 30 minutes (For Grey/White Coverage)
Deposit only 8 Volume & 10 Volume 30 minutes on roots/ 20 on hair lenght

Global Keratin GK Hair hair colouring cream color cena 27zł - sklep warszawaGlobal Keratin GK Hair cream color promocja - sklep warszawa


Step 1: In a non-metallic bowl, mix GKhair Cream Color with a suitable developer ratio 1: 1,5 (1: 2 superlightners).

Step 2: Apply to the hair using a brush. Leave on the hair for 20 to 50 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly, use GKhair shampoo and conditioners for optimal results.

Global Keratin

GKHair is the first company that uses the beautifying effect of JUVEXIN. Coming directly from sheep's wool, JUVEXIN gives hair natural beauty.
GKHair System with JUVEXIN works on the hair by repairing it and providing long-term nutrition and protection. JUVEXIN is GKHair's business card, making obedient, unattractive, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.

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Profesjonalny produkt daje możliwość dokładnego określenia koloru jaki che uzyskać w odróżnieniu od tych w marketach. Dziękuję za pomoc w wyborze i doradztwo:) teraz może zmieniać kolor częściej niż dotychczas a dzięki właściwościom tej farby włosy zawsze są błyszczące i miękkie:)


Trwały kolor, dobrze kryje


Bardzo fajne kolory i super jakość za niewielka cenę


Genialne blondy.


Pierwsza farba która kryje 100% siwych włosów. Polecam!