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GK Hair keratin the best 100ml Global Keratin Juvexin shop warsaw Poland


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The GK hair Hair Taming System with Juvexin formulas are professional in-salon treatments that penetrate the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz for 3-5 months. Once at home, maintain the treatment results with the continued use of our Juvexin-based after-care products


"The Best" reduces the stiffness (elastic modulus) in the hair, this reduction 
or softening effect causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer. 
The greater the concentration along with application of Juvexin, the softer 
or straighter the hair will become. 
Juvexin penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important
 conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This improves the softness and 
reduces friction enabling the hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair 
less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair giving hair overall
 better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement 
during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving

Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides 
optimized specifically for hair. Juvexin has been developed to protect
 and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is found in all GKhair products worldwide. Juvexin restores your hair to its pristine condition. 
It puts back the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair
 which are usually lost over time. There is nothing artificial and no harsh
 chemicals are used

Easier application

Leaves the hair healthier using a high concentration of Juvexin
Reduces styling time

Clients can air dry hair

No wait time for shampooing
One formula which can be customized to offer varying results

Karatin Hair GK Hair The Best 300ml Global Keratin Juvexin

GK Hair Keratin The Best Keratin Treatment Global Keratin Juvexin


Step 1: Wash hair twice with the GKhair pH+ Clarifying Shampoo.

Step 2: Towel dry hair. Comb through with GKhair Vent Brush and section hair into 3 parts.

Step 3: Apply "The Best" with application brush onto ½ inch sections of hair.

Step 4: Comb through entire head making sure that hair is thoroughly saturated staying a 1/4 inch away from scalp.

Step 5: Let sit 5-60 minutes (From 15 minutes for fine, wavy hair to 60 minutes for thick, coarse, tight curls).

Step 6: Rinse hair with warm water until water runs clear. If hair is over processed or red, rinse with GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo.

Step 7: Blow dry hair straight on high heat with GKhair Thermal Round Brush until 100% dry and styled.

Step 8: Section hair and flat iron with GKhair Titanium Flat iron at 450 degrees/230 Celsius. If hair is over processed flat iron at 400 degrees/200 Celsius, ends of hair should be flat ironed with a bend.

Step 9: Clients can wash their hair at any time after the service using GKhair Shampoos and Conditioners.

Global Keratin

GK hair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin, which is delivered to the hair in its natural state.
Derived from pristine sheep wool through an environmentally friendly process, Juvexin is found in GK hair products worldwide and restores hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Juvexin is non-hydrolyzed, contains intact keratyn and consists of both large and small molecules. The smaller Juvexin molecules penetrate the cortex, improving and restoring hair from the inside out while the larger molecules wrap around the cuticle layer of the hair, creating a protective shield against free radicals such as UV Rays and pollution. The GK hair Hair Taming System with Juvexin is beneficial to all hair types with beautiful results you can see and feel.

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