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GK Hair thermal round brush 43mm Global Keratin Juvexin, shop warsaw Poland

GK Hair thermal roud brush 43mm Global Keratin Juvexin

43,90 zł

Unit price: 43,90 zł per pc

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GKhair wide range of styling tools allow you to create any desired look; from sleek, smooth and straight, to full, bouncy waves and curls.



GKhair Round Brushes are heat resistant with easy air flow.
They are made with Ceramic Ionic elements, eliminating negative irons causing frizz when heated and assists in the breakdown of bacteria build-up on the hair and scalp.
The brush allows quick drying time due to ceramic element which holds heat longer.
The brush smoothes and straightens coarse, curly or wavy hair.
Also assists the stylist to create the perfect sleek blow-dry waves or soft curls while adding volume.
GKhair carries a wide range of brush sizes which are suitable for all hair lengths.
GKhair Round Brushes contain a convenient separating pin at the end of the tool and a magnet to store easily in salon stations.

For professional stylists and clients who want to create beautiful smooth looks with ease.

Global Keratin GK Hair thermal brush  43 mm - sklep warszawaGlobal Keratin GK hair brush set cena 109zł - sklep warszawa


- sizes: 43mm

- Anti static

- Heat resistant

- Ionic technology

- Constant airflow

- Comfortable rubber grip

- Magnetic end

- Removable section pick


Global Keratin

GKHair is the first company that uses the beautifying effect of JUVEXIN. Coming directly from sheep's wool, JUVEXIN gives hair natural beauty.
GKHair System with JUVEXIN works on the hair by repairing it and providing long-term nutrition and protection. JUVEXIN is GKHair's business card, making obedient, unattractive, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.

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Najlepsza szczotka do stylizacji nie "ślizga" się w dłoni, świetnie odbija ciepło przyspiesza suszenie