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Global Keratin styling mousse 250ml GK Hair Juvexin, shop warsaw Poland

GK Hair styling mousse 250ml Global Keratin Juvexin

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GKhair styling products, supplemented with JUVEXIN maintain the effect of keratin treatments and coloring. These products protect the hair and make it healthy and shiny.


GKhair Styling Mousse make styling easier and provides a gentle finish. Nourishing coconut fruit extracts moisturize the hair while styling, further protecting it. Provides light hold when drying or creating curls. Concentrated dose of Juvexin protects hair during styling.

Global Keratin GK Hair styling mousse - sklep warszawaPromotion Global Keratin GK Hair styling mousse - sklep warszawa


Step 1: Wash hair with shampoo and use GKhair conditioner.

Step 2: Apply a small amount on your hands and massage the hair from roots  to ends.

Step 3: Style as desired.

Global Keratin

GKHair is the first company that uses the beautifying effect of JUVEXIN. Coming directly from sheep's wool, JUVEXIN gives hair natural beauty.
GKHair System with JUVEXIN works on the hair by repairing it and providing long-term nutrition and protection. JUVEXIN is GKHair's business card, making obedient, unattractive, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.

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Bardzo delikatny produkt, fajnie ułatwia "podniesienie" włosów i daje bardzo naturalny efekt


Super pianka do stylizacji krótkich włosów